Sequential eating

Sequential or “layered” eating is the program designed to conserve the energy used by the body for the digestion and absorption of foods – in order to maximize the energy needed for healing, repair and the elimination of wastes or toxins (the raw materials of cellulite). It also insures that no stresses or imbalances result from eating essentially incompatible foods, or overly complex ones at the wrong time.
A group of research scientists at Columbia University has found evidence that a meal is digested by the body in the exact order it is eaten – one food group at a time, regardless of its complexity or quantity. According to the theory, if you start out with a relatively concentrated food that takes a long time to break down, followed by something that takes only half the time – digestion of the second food will be delayed and it will start to ferment and decompose – losing much of its nutritional value.

In order to prevent this, the Natural Hygiene Food Plan is based on a simple rule: You generally start your meal with a freshly prepared vegetable juice, such as carrot, celery, cucumber, tomato or a combination of these. Then you follow with a blended or tossed salad – foods that are rapidly handled by the body. (Dr. Cursio prefers the semi-liquid blended salad because it is initially easier to digest, and therefore less of a body energy-consumer.) Next, you introduce a more complex food, such as a raw, unpeeled fruit, followed by a more concentrated one – nuts, cheese, or eggs, consisting of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and complicated nucleic acids. Thus, you allow your body to break down relatively “fast,” simple foods first, then progress to levels of increasing difficulty – all to insure the most efficient and least wasteful  assimilation of nutrients.

To simplify this concept of sequential or layered eating, the basic rule or principle can be stated as follows:
Eat the most watery food first …..

The smaller the amount of a particular food eaten, the less is the digestive time for that food. The greater the amount of a food eaten, the more is the digestive time prolonged.
Remember the less you mix and the fewer the varieties you use, the easier it is to digest and the less you will be tempted to overeat. The greater the variety, the greater the tendency to overeat.

Not surprisingly, “less is more” applies with particular relevance to the Natural Hygiene Food Plan. “Eat sparingly and remember that quantity is all-important,” maintains Dr. Cursio, “even when you’re eating only wholesome foods. Too much of any food can overtax your system and interfere with its proper functioning.


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